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Double Cleansing: What it is and how to do it.

I'm really obsessed with skin care. I have to be. Acne is a curse that had its onset at age eleven and continues to wreak havoc in my life. Now, I have the oiliest skin in the world, and it’s not like I have an oily t-zone and the rest of my face is normal. No friends, I have hyperactive sebaceous glands all over my face. If I don’t blot regularly throughout the day, you better believe that I will wake up with a pimple right smack dab where everyone can see. This is why I take two different cleansers back to back when I’m removing my makeup at night. The first is usually a cleansing oil such as the L’oreal Sublime Glow Cleansing Oil or some sort of Micellar water before going in with my regular cleanser. Now, the one I choose to use solely depends on what was in stock at my local Shoppers Drug Mart and which product was gonna earn me the most Optimum Points that day.

Free Chanel foundation here I come.

Here is what night time routine usually looks like for me:

Step 1: Pull my hair back and use my oil or micellar water. If you’re gonna go in with the oil, here are some pro tips:

  • Close your eyes and close them tight. If you get oil in your eyes, it won’t sting but you’ll go blind momentarily. You will have to splash water on your face with your eyes open and have the oil emulsify on your eyeballs before you regain your vision.

  • Speaking of emulsions, apply the oil directly on your face with your fingertips and rub GENTLY. This part is dry. If you add water now you’ll emulsify the formula and then cleansing will be redundant. Make sure you have your affairs in order and that you don’t need to use your hands for the next minute or so.

  • If you’re taking your mascara off, you can rub (AGAIN GENTLY) on your eyelashes till you feel the mascara formula soften and disintegrate.

  • Now, if this is your first time doing this you might feel like sneaking a peek to see if this working. Don’t. Trust, see pro tip #1 and also, I can guarantee you that you’ll like a rodeo clown on a hot July day if you do.

  • When you feel you’re ready to rinse, go for it. This part is messy. The oil emulsifies into a white substance that I always seem to get all over my sink. On another note, if you’re using the L’oreal oil, the fragrance always seems to intensify during this part and it’s actually quite pleasant.

If you’re gonna use the micellar water, here’s some advice:

  • I go with micellar water more often than not when it’s been a long day and I’m too lazy to stand over my sink. The beauty of the micellar water is that I can remove my makeup from my bed with my headphones on while re-watching an episode of Cable Girls.

  • Close your eyes and close them really well. Unlike the oil, if you get this on your eyeballs, it will sting and it will suck.

  • You’re also gonna need cotton pads - like 3 of 4 of them. Soak them in the micellar water and then rub gently on your face. Don’t forget your neck too!

  • Be gentle. I die a little bit inside when I see an eyelash or two stuck to my cotton pad.

  • That’s it! Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Step 2: Regular cleanser

I don’t have any tips for this part. I don’t think there’s anything groundbreaking about the way I rub the product on my face. But I will tell you this: currently I’m loving Rodan+Fields clay cleanser! Previously, I was on their Un-Blemish regimen and I liked that too, since the sulfur dried up my pimples and dried them up good. What I like about these cleansers is that they also double as masks easily, so when I feel a little extra or need the TLC, I can just apply product evenly throughout my face and leave it on for five minutes or, you know, an episode of Gilmore Girls. Other cleansers that have worked well on my oily, acne-prone, somehow still pubescent skin are the Cetaphil Cleanser (the regular one, none of this gentle cream cleanser nonsense) and the Neutrogena Grapefruit Acne face wash. They are a great low budget alternative if you’re saving up for your upcoming girls' trip to Mexico or you know - stashing cash away for textbooks come next semester.

That’s it! Now, I do not have final say on skincare routines, but try this and if works for you great, and if it doesn’t that’s okay too. Double cleansing gives me the peace of mind that all the dirt, grime, oil and makeup is off my face before I got to sleep, and that maybe - just maybe - I won’t wake up with a new pimple of my face.