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Emotional Fashion

Let’s take a moment to talk about heartbreak and our wallets. We seem to be living in an era where we seem to be completely comfortable being candid with our feelings and this phenomenon called “self-care”. It took months, credit and just plain unfortunate luck to realize that self-care went beyond lush bath bombs and 11 am long island iced teas, it took me a long time to realize that things that I was purchasing whether they be trinkets or big ticket items we’re just distractions I was dangling in front of myself to feel anything other sadness.

For me, my very first break up bling purchase was a pair of Tiffany Sunglasses (TF 4113 to be exact), the events leading to me purchasing these beautiful pieces of art and the ones that followed can just be described as bizarre. I could go into detail about I’m referring to here but I won’t (that’s fodder for my tell-all ;)) oh and we’d be here till next spring, but I will you this: these sunglasses are the most beautiful and debatably one of my most reckless purchases. For starters, I bought these buggers in mid October (I will remind you all that I live in Calgary, and in October it gets cold and there’s not much sunlight), moreover, I am not the type of person that wears sunglasses- I am the type of person that loses shit unless it is strapped to me (this is also the reason why I don’t carry cash or invests in wristlets) and lastly, they set me back a mere $400 (CAD) after taxes- (if you look them up now they have of course depreciated in value as far as seasons come and go is concerned but in 2016, these babies were a pretty penny).

Okay, pause, I know that some of you may be rolling your eyes thinking how poor my ass had to be that I’m lamenting over $400 but after factoring in inflation, minimum wage, the economic downturn of the province and the fact that I was a nineteen year old college babe- yeah, they weren’t the most frugal of purchases. Either way, that’s not the point of this article, they point is what these glasses made me feel.

That day I walked into the mall I didn’t even make it out of the Hudson’s Bay, I halted at the Sunglass Hut kiosk, walked up to the sales lady and told her “Make me look incognito, make me look like Karl”, she got the reference and then we had a lot of fun. I can’t remember how many pairs I tried on that day, it couldn’t have been many that since I fell in love (as much as a mortal can love an inanimate object) with the pair the moment they graced my face. These glasses meant I could feel whatever I wanted to feel and still be somewhat invisible at the same time. I wore these glasses even when it didn’t make sense to wear them- like indoors in a McDonald’s… at night. Here’s the thing, sometimes we need our break up bling, they become like a security blanket or superpower cape that makes it possible for us to be out in public when we’d rather be in bed with the blinds shut. Other times, our break up bling reminds that we’re hard working boss babes with taste and that maybe with hard work, dedication and opportunity these glasses or ( insert here) are a catalyst for us becoming a better versions of ourselves.

Ultimately, we do outgrow our break up bling. We no longer need the crutch to make brief cameos for geology lectures or remind us that that brighter days are to come. Eventually, we move past the initial shock and move forward with our lives and leave our bling neatly tucked away for days meant for reminiscing. We put in the work, move past our heartbreak, deal with our feelings and realize that our bling- whether it be Tiffany Sunglasses or whatever else it was, was just a little treat we needed at the time. And if I can leave you with some words to ponder over they are this: treat yo self. But don’t treat yourself every day- your wallet and credit score will thank you later.